CDC and Medical Resources for Office-Based Leadership

This blog is for busy leaders who are trying to keep up with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control ( The CDC has a huge amount of information that addresses multiple industries. My focus here is information for leaders of office-based workers.

Note: I am not a physician, epidemiologist, or public health official. I am simply curating the content and passing the information on to you. I will always include hyperlinks directly to the CDC or the other reputable medical sources cited.

cdcThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is not only respected by the medical community within the USA, it is admired worldwide. While the CDC has not had a lot of visibility in the media recently, the organization has been diligently adding information to its website for the public to use.

In my research on the site, I've found dozens of pages, downloads, and instructions that the leadership of office-based workers can utilize. In the coming weeks and months, I'll be studying and curating the content to provide direct links to the most applicable information so that leadership can be well-informed.

In addition, as I come across other reliable sources of medical information such as public health information from other countries or peer-reviewed medical journal articles, I'll share the links to those as well.

If you have questions, I recommend contacting local health officials for the latest information. If there are topics that interest you, please use the Contact form on this site to suggest those as potential research for this blog.

Information on COVID-19

Let's start with the primary source of COVID-19 information on the CDC website:

That link has general information about COVID-19. Let's drill down to where the CDC issues specific guidance for businesses.

The CDC has worked on other viral outbreaks before, and their reservoir of information is not only comprehensive, it's linked to other government and industry organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC). In upcoming blog posts, we'll follow those links too as recommended by the CDC.

More to come!