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The emphasis on COVID-19 may be receding, but remote work is here to stay.

With the pandemic concerns waning, some companies are pushing -- hard -- to get employees back to the office. The problem is, office workers who worked from home liked doing so, and don't want to come back. Hybrid work options are complicated; on what are you basing the need to have staff back in the office?

Are you and your executive staff addressing the fact that remote work is here to stay? 

Now is the time to embrace a well-planned remote/work-from-home culture. There are compelling reasons to make this change immediately.

Is your company committed to successful remote teams?

  Not really committed if ...

  Starting to commit if...

You insist that everyone return to the office as if COVID-19 never happened.  You are re-thinking how to do business in a hybrid or fully-remote manner.
Your HR department still adds "on-site for X days/week" to their job descriptions. The HR department is adjusting employee hiring and onboarding to accommodate remote workers.
Requests for permanently remote work are being denied and employees are leaving. The HR department is recalibrating compensation and incentives to keep from losing top talent.
You are not providing equipment other than a laptop to your existing remote workers. Requests for monitors, keyboards, and an ergonomic work chair are being filled.
Middle management is not communicating with front-line managers about how well their teams are working remotely. Executives are adjusting goals or procedures to match how work is done on remote teams.
Front-line managers do not regularly meet with their workers to assess their productivity and remove obstacles. Front-line managers are monitoring workload and productivity, and helping employees to manage distractions.
Requests for more helpdesk staff and improved network equipment are being declined. The IT department is adding network bandwidth, improving access, and adding helpdesk staff.

Maybe you don't know where to begin ...

There is good news! We've created an Executive Briefing that you can use to get started. This briefing covers 5 major benefits of supporting remote work as a permanent option for your company, along with 7 check-up questions to assess the readiness of your company to move from remote-work reluctance to remote-work success

We believe that committing to a sensible remote workforce strategy is the smartest way to conduct business, and we've got some ideas on how to help you make that happen.

Simply complete the form at right, and you'll have immediate access to this 6-page PDF containing the key concepts for creating a permanent remote workforce option.

Remote Leadership Success Executive Briefing

But that's not the end of the discussion.

No two companies are alike, so let us help you expand your initial plan into actionable steps. We offer executive planning services, remote management and team coaching, and implementation supervision, all delivered virtually. Check out our Programs page for details.

Want to talk about what to do next?

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