Remote Leadership Success

Toolie GarnerThe Remote Leadership Success program was founded to address the remote leadership issues caused by the pandemic. I work with corporate leaders and their teams to analyze their existing approach to work, both prior to the pandemic and their adaptations to date. Then we plan for current and future conditions to help company leadership establish remote work/working-from-home as a well-defined and well-supported practice.

Why Work with Me?

Remote work has been integral to my career. I have personally accumulated over 40,000 hours working remotely, not just for my own consulting business, but also while working for large corporations like Microsoft and Amazon. I've also worked remotely from 32 different countries and territories during business travel, so I have a perspective on establishing policies and practices that can work across national boundaries.

Let's discuss how we can work together. Visit and book an Executive Strategy Session. On our call, we will:

  1. Discuss your exact situation and goals for your team, given their unique challenges and assets.
  2. Work on removing specific obstacles standing in your way right now.
  3. Clarify the best path forward for your particular situation, and identify 3-4 actionable ideas you can use immediately.
  4. Discover what other smart leaders like you are doing to create success during these turbulent times.

Now more than ever, your team deserves your highest and most confident leadership. Let's figure out how to give them every opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Toolie® Garner