RLS Courses

Companies can successfully operate remotely; that's not a new idea. What has changed are the conditions under which such a transition is being made. Most companies who had not already planned for, supported, endorsed, or prepared for managing a remote workforce are now having to do under extreme conditions.

The Remote Leadership Success programs can help you get control of an out-of-control situation, and put your company back on a firm footing. You'll be able to address your circumstances using the RLS employee-centered view that gives you insights you won't find anywhere else.

Remote Leadership Success Program

This online group mentorship is for executives and mid-level managers who want to establish a remote workforce that is as productive as they are on-site. You'll learn methods for getting your teams under control, ensuring that the work is getting done, and that your employees are engaged and well-motivated. Our confidential, online group meetings provide a closed-door environment for exchanging ideas, discussing individual situations, solving problems, and sharing progress.

RLS Executive Advisory 1-on-1

C-Suite executives and mid-level leaders can benefit from a private, one-on-one mentorship that helps you become a more confident, informed leader of engaged and productive remote workers. We'll discuss your existing work challenges, stabilize your remote workforce, help you manage based on KPIs that take remote work into account, and discuss how to motivate workers who are out of sight but not out of mind.

RLS Advisory Consulting for Corporations

Companies that require more direct assistance with establishing a high-performing remote workforce may prefer our advisory consulting package. Clients typically ask us to work with managers, front-line employees, human resources, and executives. We offer a comprehensive suite of organizational leadership and and individual consulting so that your company receives the most direct and applicable help. Our work together is entirely customized to your particular situation. Our approach helps you increase productivity, reward performance, positively motivate workers, and level or reduce costs.